During your stay at Villa Rumah Pantai, there are lot of fun activity that you can do all day long:

  • Fishing on the beach in front of the villa.
  • Go to the Balinese village about 20 km from the city. If you are lucky you will get the chance to see a traditional burrial ceremony.
  • Diving in different locations with or without boat rental.
  • Take a trip to see the walls and residency of the former sultan of Buton. There is a museum there with artefacts and even a familytree with bloodline back to Djengis Khan.
  • There are great snorkling and diving possibilities just outside your doorstep.
  • Strolling, jogging on the sand beach at dusk or sunset.
  • Rent one of our motorbikes or cars and explore what Bau-Bau has to offer on your own or with a guide.
  • Rent our boat and go fishing or sightseeing.
  • Welcoming fishermen with their catch of squid and fish early in the morning.
  • Hikes in rice fields and forest.
  • Purchase a traditional drink which is tapped directly from the palmtrees.(Konau). It contains a alcohol level comparable to that of beer.
  • Go to one of the pearl farms and see all the stages in the development of the half pearl. Maybe you`ll want to purchase some? Prices are cheap and no negotiation is needed.
  • The local fruit market offers a wide variety of fruits. Open till late at night.
  • Go to the fish market just after sunrise at get what you need for a barbeque at the beach.
  • Meditating in our beach front with serene sound of the ocean.
  • Make a barbecue on your own or you can ask the hotel staff to arrange one for you..
  • Go to see a waterfall. One is reachable with motorbike. If you like to go trekking for an hourĀ  there is another spectacular waterfall that is recommended. Cheap guide will be provided by the hotel.
  • Makassar island located just in front of the harbor arranges boatraces every year in the end of july. The wooden boats are handmade in Bau-Bau and it`s a earl event.
  • For night time activities there are a lot of karaokebars in Bau-Bau. Although not recommended in any way or means..

Celebrate your special day at Villa Rumah Pantai.

  • Wedding ceremony/party.
  • Romantic honey moon.
  • Birthday party.
  • Host a Barbecue Party.
  • Group gathering/sharing.
  • And many more events that you can do in this spacious villa..

Lakeba beach