All bedrooms has a double bed. Unlimited drinking water. Soap and towel. And basic spaceous bathroom. TV and fan or airconditioning in all rooms.


Prices start at 300.000Rp (approx. 20 USD) per night. Rooms in this category is located on the beachfront and has a fan, TV and double bed with spacious bathrooms. Approximately 20 meters from the beach.

Airconditioning rooms cost 350.000Rp (approx. 23USD) per night and are located 40 meters from the beach. And has a TV double bed and spacious bathrooms.

One bungalow is 60 squaremeters and has a full kitchen. Suitable for a family. Large bathroom, TV a fan and it`s located 30 meters from the beach. 600.000Rp (approx. 40 USD) per night.

The deluxe suite has two bedrooms(one with aircon and one with fan), a full kitchen, your own private garden with a small pool for children and a barbeque. Spacious leisure area and your own key to the beach and entry. 1.200.000Rp (approx. 80 USD) per night.

You get a 10% discount for bookings in advance.

Lakeba beach